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Man stretching back on yoga mat
Yoga for Beginners: A Complete Guide

Want to use this time to get more comfortable with the mat? Here's how

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Baywatch Australian Premiere
Mid adult man doing lunges
This Home Workout Will Torch Your Whole Body

Sean Garner leads you through a killer home workout – equipment optional

tom holland ryan reynolds jake gyllenhaal impossible challenge
Tom Holland Challenged Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds to Do Shirtless Handstands

Quarantine is having an...interesting...effect on these guys

Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger Train in His Backyard During Quarantine

"We cannot control the virus, but we can control our fitness"

Rich Froning’s Home Workout To Stay The Fittest In Lockdown

The CrossFit legend walks you through a key change in his diet that transformed his workouts

Celebs Are Growing Out Their Beards While They're Stuck at Home. Should You?
Doctors are urging against touching your face, so we asked an expert if men with beards are more at risk of contracting or passing alon…
The 21 Best Shows to Stream on Amazon Prime Video Right Now

Come for the Mr Robot hype. Stay for The Wire rewatch.

We Played a Game of FIFA 20 with Man City's Official Player. It Didn't Go Well

Ryan Pessoa also explained why e-sports gamers have to stay fit and healthy to sit down for hours

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Chris Hemsworth Shares a Killer At-Home Workout

The actor and his trainer used some home essentials for "the cleanest workout" they've ever had

You've got to reach for your goals
How to Do the World's Greatest Stretch

Dr. Aaron Horschig, DPT, of Squat University explains the intricacies of this widely-renowned mobility move

How a Pandemic Forced Me, a Cardio-Hater, to Start Running

Maybe it's not so bad after all

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All You Need For This Standing Core Crusher Is 2 Water Bottles

Punch your way to a six-pack at home

I Work for Men's Health, I'm a Vegan and Exercise Five Times a Week. And I Caught Covid-19

Does fitness play a part in the recovery process? Here's what happened

12 of the Best Exercise Bikes for Any Home Gym

Ready to scorch through fat at home?

These 29 Home Workout Hacks Help to Make Your House a Gym

Some seriously savvy tips to turn every part of your house into a gym

People working out in gym
8 Challenging Bodyweight Exercises That Get You Moving

Demarcus Ware shares a series of killer moves that don't require any equipment

The sport man 's doing push ups on the floor at home.
Try This Bodyweight Workout Using Only Your Sofa

This live workout from Sean Garner is the perfect home full-body burner

Can't Do Pull-Ups at Home? Try This Easy, No-Kit Workaround to Hit Your Back and Biceps

This smart, no-nonsense twist on pull-ups and rows is ideal for building back strength with minimal effort

13 of the Best Weight Benches To Use at Home

A bench and some weights are all you need to get a short, sharp workout in at home. These are our favourites