6 Products To Protect Your Skin Against Pollution

Re-calibrate your toilet bag with our anti-pollution pick

Self-help hacks, products we recommend, tips and advice – here's everything you need to know about male grooming

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Which Moustache Style Suits You?

Cultivate the best facial topiary possible our guide

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Taking it all off
Why Some Grooming Products Make Your Skin Sore

MH finds which of your bathroom staples will cause you problems and what alternatives you should use

Battle Rope
5 Lifestyle Factors That Can Cause Hair Loss

It's not just about genetics

How to Grow Your First Beard Just Like Zac Efron

Follow these 9 tips for Efron-level awesomeness

This 32-year-old-guy Tried Botox. Here's What Happened

Cosmetic procedures are rising thanks to #selfieculture. We needle in on the facts

What haircut suits my face shape?

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How to Fight Male Pattern Baldness

Don't play victim to your genetics; we have the solutions

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A Top Barber Shares His 5-step Guide to Giving Yourself a Buzzcut at Home

Everything you need to know to give yourself or someone you live with a #stayhome haircut

Sick of Oily Skin? Here Are 12 of the Best Products to Fight It

Because guys have skincare issues, too

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Man washing face
6 Grooming Essentials You Should Never Skip Post-Gym

Skin day is every day

Women Prefer Men with Beards, According to a New Study. But Why?

A new study suggests shelving your razor will make you more attractive. Here's why

How to Build a Wardrobe like Daniel Craig's James Bond

The essential (and affordable) gear you need to add some 007 flair to your wardrobe

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hair loss
10 Things You Should Know About Male Hair Loss

Your male hair loss questions answered

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How to Deal with Shaving Rash

It's painful and irritating, but not inevitable – if you follow our advice

We've Just Found 4 of the Best Beard Oil Deals in Amazon's Black Friday Sale

We trimmed back the fluff to give you the best deals for your beard