Weight Loss

How To Lose Belly Fat: The Complete Guide

Belly fat is slowly poisoning you. This is your antidote

Weight Loss – Transformations, Nutrition Plans, Workouts and Food Swaps, Backed by the Latest Research

Training hard with battle ropes
14 Best Exercises for Weightloss

Want to lose weight? Here's 14 moves you need to know

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Tattooed middle aged bearded black man at a gym
Why It’s Harder to Lose Weight as You Get Older

Belt tightening with every passing birthday? Here's how to call time on middle age spread

The 7-Minute Workout Hugh Jackman Uses to Shred Fat
If you’re looking to lean up, you might want to copy this workout
A Video Game Helped Motivate This Guy to Lose 22kg

He only needed an hour a day to make it happen.

Jon Over Transformation
Counting Macros Helped This Guy Achieve 57kg Weight Loss Transformation

"My mental health benefits are also dramatic."

George Katrantzos weight loss
This Guy Lost 50lbs Doing CrossFit

“I definitely feel stronger, I have more overall energy and I feel clearer mentally"

This Guy Lost 15kg and Got Ripped Thanks to a Simplified Diet

"I learned a lot about self-discipline and delayed gratification.”

How This Guy Lost More Than 22kg and Avoided Getting 'Skinny Fat'

He dropped 10% body fat and is now looking to add more muscle mass

Lifting and Intermittent Fasting Helped This 40-Year-Old Get Ripped

“I was amazed at the level of energy I had," he said after losing 18kg in weight

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This Guy Lost 300lbs by Ditching Fast Food and Doing CrossFit Every Day

Alex weighed 500lbs, until he got a wake-up call that inspired him to change his life

Simple Diet Changes Helped This Guy Lose Weight and Rediscover His Six-Pack

After taming his cravings, he started dropping weight every week

Simple Diet Changes Helped This Guy Build Muscle and Get Shredded in 6 Weeks

“I was amazed by how much muscle I gained."

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Simple Changes Helped This Guy Get Shredded Quickly

Trackers helped turn frustration into success.

What Happens to Your Body When You Lose 20 Stone

“The doctors couldn’t put me to sleep for surgery – I wouldn’t have woken up”

How This Reader Lost 5 Stone and Built a Midlife Six-Pack

After a 20-year break from the gym, he transformed his attitude to health and fitness. Here's the six-move workout he used